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Class of 2021: Kayla Daugaard

New Employee

Posted on December 2, 2021

Class of 2021: Kayla Daugaard

Help us welcome Kayla Daugaard as our Director of First Impressions in the La Crosse office!  Kayla recently relocated from the Colorado area with her daughter, to be closer to her family.  Some of her special talents are her great attitude, customer service skills, and belief in the power of positive thinking!  Kayla likes to spend her time watching the Green Bay Packers and cooking food in her kitchen. 


While Kayla is not a picky music lover you can find her listening to whatever moves her.  She is passionate about giving back and volunteering and feels strongly about instilling this passion with her children.  When out shopping you can find her visiting Hobby Lobby and looking at Halloween items.  Her favorite snacks are milky way candy bars and nothing is better than a diet coke.  Stop by and say hi and meet Kayla!