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Class of 2021: Taylor Traefald

New Employee

Posted on September 21, 2021

Class of 2021: Taylor Traefald

Please join us in welcoming Taylor Traefald to the Citizens team! Taylor will be working in our La Crosse office as a Loan Processor, where she brings several years of customer service experience. 


Taylor is from La Crescent, MN and has two brothers and one sister. Taylor's favorite activity is reading, and National Geographic is her favorite TV channel. On Taylor's car stereo, you will hear Classical NPR playing. She considers her hidden talent to be that she can bake well!


Traveling to all of the National Parks in the United States is on Taylor's bucket list, and if she were to become stranded on a desert island with only coconuts, she would crave ice cream and coffee the most.


If Taylor could have one wish granted, she would wish for a lifetime of free travel.


Welcome to the Citizens family, Taylor!