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Class of 2021: Kevin Klika

New Employee

Posted on July 1, 2021

Class of 2021: Kevin Klika

Please join us in welcoing our newest talent, Kevin Klika, to the Citizens family! Kevin brings years of customer service experience to his new role as a Relationship Banker in our Eau Claire office. 


Kevin reigns from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, just down the road from our Eau Claire office. He had three siblings: one sister and two brothers. Kevin's favorite activity is sitting around a campfire and just having a good and relaxed time! Camping seems to be a trend for Kevin as the craziest thing he has ever done involves sitting inside a tent to prevent it from blowing a way during a storm that had produced a nearby tornado! Could this be why his favorite TV channel is The Weather Channel? Kevin's bucket list revealed to us that he has quite the interest in severe weather. One of the items on his bucket list is a ride along with a storm chaser in tornado alley! Do you think the storm chaser would let him listen to country music while they're on the road? That's the most likely music to find on Kevin's car stereo, after all!

One thing that hopefully should not become a problem while storm chasing in tornado alley is becoming stranded on a desert island. If that were the case, Kevin would crave pizza and coffe the most. A solid choice of two necessities in life.

Lastly, we asked Kevin what his wish would be if he could be granted only one: he would like to meet his ancestors and listen to their stories about his family's heritage first hand.

Welcome to Citizens, Kevin! We are excited to have you!