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Class of 2021: Kasee Meyer

New Employee

Posted on July 22, 2021

Class of 2021: Kasee Meyer

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Kasee Meyer, to the Citizens family! Kasee is a Finance and Business Economics major at UW-Eau Claire and brings previous customer service experience to her new role as a CER (Part-Time Teller)  in our Eau Claire office. 


 Kasee is from New Richmond, Wisconsin where she has two younger sisters. Her favorite activity is to enjoy the great outdoors and go for walks. Kasee's favorite TV channel is Hulu, specifically for watching Bob's Burgers and Brooklyn 99. The crazizest thing that Kasee has ever done was going bungee jumping off of a bridge in  New Zealand... that takes guts! Kasee considers her culunary skills to be her hidden talents, as she is very good at cooking.

We asked Kasee about some of the items on her bucket list and she shared with us her desire to go skydiving. Put that next to her bungee jumping adventure and you could say Kasee likes to live on the edge! If Kasee's adventures ever found her stranded on a desert island, she would find herself craving a crispy chicken sandwich and a diet coke the most. While she is driving or traveling, you would be most likely to find her listening to Indie folk or alternative music on her car stereo.

Lastly, we asked Kasee what she would wish for if she could be granted only one wish: Kasee would wish for a new car, probably a Buick.

Welcome to Citizens, Kasee! We are excited to have you!