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Class of 2021: Amanda Shafer

New Employee

Posted on April 15, 2021

Class of 2021: Amanda Shafer

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Amanda Shafer, to the Citizens family! Amanda joins us as a CER II (Full-Time Teller) in our Clayton office. Amanda holds previous teller, lending, managerial, and administrative experience.

Amanda is a hometown addition to the Citizens family, as she reigns from Clayton, Wisconsin! Her favorite activity is yoga and kayaking, which feeds right into her favorite TV channel: Gaia. Gaia is a video streaming platform for yoga practice. The craziest thing that Amanda has ever done is jump off a cliff at Interstate Park and swim across the St. Croix River - don't try this at home, kids! Had she somehow become stranded on a desert island while doing so, Amanda would have found herself craving steak and carbonated water the most!

If you thought the cliff jumping and river swimming experience was crazy, wait until you find out what Amanda has on her bucket list: skydiving. Amanda is likely listening to '90s alternative rock music in her car. Lastly, we asked Amanda what she would wish for if she was granted just one: a trip to Australia.

Welcome to Citizens, Amanda! We are excited to have you!