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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Aidan Ebner

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on April 19, 2022

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Aidan Ebner

Executive Leadership is thrilled to announce that Aidan Ebner is our Engaged Employee of the quarter!

Aidan’s story here at Citizens is a great example of how important engagement is both within a company and the community. Prior to working at Citizens, Aidan was not a fan of being pushed out of his comfort zone, however knowing him now, you would find that hard to believe with all his engagement!

It’s only been just over a year that Aidan has been with Citizens, but that has not stopped him from getting fully involved and investing himself in our organization. He has participated in many of our events, including the chicken nugget and pie eating contests, March Madness basketball tournament, golf outings, 506 Clubs, and so much more! Aidan continually hits the “T” on Engagement mouse pad by submitting Funny Boards, Star Recommendations, and sending Tiny Pulse Cheers to his coworkers. Plus, he is such a great sport of all the office pranks played on him, taking them all with a smile on his face and silently planning his revenge.

Outside of the office, Aidan dedicates his time by volunteering in the La Crosse community. He has volunteered at Hunger Task Force, Coulee Region Humane Society, and Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army. Going above and beyond to help and give back within the community is HUGE; we could not be prouder of Aidan for taking the initiative and devoting his time to helping others.

Aidan has truly demonstrated an attitude of “Yes I Can” since starting here at Citizens. One of the biggest ways Aidan stepped up to the plate, was when he presented a loan to the Board of Directors when the employee who was supposed to present was out of the office that day. Aidan found it in himself to take on this challenge which just goes to show his leadership and commitment to success! Aside from that, Aidan continually comes into the office early and stays until his work is done! A real go-getter!

Congratulations, Aidan!!! We thank you for your continuous engagement and dedication to Citizens, your coworkers, and those in your local community! Keep up the awesome work and we can’t wait to see everything else you’ll accomplish!