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Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Sam Besl

Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on January 13, 2022

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Sam Besl

Executive Leadership is excited to announce that Sam Besl is our Engaged Employee of the quarter!! Sam’s engagement goes well above and beyond his innate ability to provide exceptional customer service. 


Having been employed by Citizens State Bank for less than one full year, Sam’s engagement is on the level of fearlessness and thriving.  From the minute he walks into the minute he leaves; Sam can effortlessly engage in and charm his coworkers and customers with high energy and a smile on his face.


He lives to continually exceed the customer’s expectations and is always thinking of what he can do to WOW them, which is why he never forgets a red-carpet opportunity and why the customers love him! Sam is our 5-star champion having received the most 5-star google reviews from very happy customers that share their experiences about the top-notch service he provides.


It is hard to find someone who is as actively engaged as Sam is in company social media! He is a committed Facebook user, liking, sharing, and enthusiastically reposting Citizens State Bank’s announcements and posts.


Sam validates how he is emotionally committed to the company’s success by bringing new business to the bank. Sam currently holds the title of Marketing Call Champion, with over 111.5 marketing calls in six short months, helping Citizen State Bank hit their marketing call goal of 1,100 calls this year, which was no easy feat as the bank was trailing most of the year. On top of his Marketing calls he submitted 426 cheers, submitted 4 stars ideas, threw in a couple of hilarious funny boards, and ended the year with a whopper of an MP WOW!


With everything else Sam has going on, he happily takes time to help mentor new and current employees (not only to the retail team, but to all employees), with guidance and support, showing that he truly cares about the achievements of his coworkers. Thinking even bigger picture, Sam was not even out of his initial two weeks of new employee training when he started referring applicants for open positions! Sam’s selflessness doesn’t stop when he leaves Citizens for the day, in his free time he is busy volunteering and giving back to his community.


Congratulations Sam! Thank you for endlessly demonstrating passion and commitment to the success of Citizens State Bank, our customers, and your coworkers. Your level of engagement is motivating and inspiring to others!