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Importance of OTP/One Time Passwords

Posted on May 25, 2022

Importance of OTP/One Time Passwords

Wondering why you’re being asked for an OTP when logging into your MyCardStatement account?


An OTP, or One Time Passcode, is a much more secure way to protect your account than a static password. When static passwords are created, especially a user-created password, they can be weak and are often reused across multiple accounts. OTPs are used to add another layer of security to ensure it is you when logging into your account.


We live in a time when username and password fraud is very common. It only takes one attempt, without an OTP, to clean you out and get hacked.


Ensuring that YOU are the one who is logging in is our highest priority and why we implement the OTP when you log in!


Let’s protect your financial assets together!