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Promotion: Jake Sharon

Posted on April 26, 2022

Promotion: Jake Sharon

Congratulations to Jake Sharon, who has been promoted to Credit Analyst Manager in our La Crosse office! Jake’s story at Citizens State Bank goes back to 2014 when he started as a part-time CER. His journey continues as he went from being a Credit Analyst Intern, to Senior Credit Analyst, to his new promotion as Manager. Over the years, Jake has displayed his “yes I can” attitude by continually stepping up to the plate and demonstrating his leadership within the organization!   

One of Jake’s greatest accomplishments since starting here at Citizens was leading our PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) during the pandemic. While everything began to shut down, Jake was able to use this opportunity and make a positive impact by helping our customers! Way to go Jake!


Once again, sending Jake a huge congratulations! We are so proud of the growth and challenges you’ve taken on here at Citizens!