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Teaming Up

Posted on November 24, 2020

Class of 2020: Yuepheng Vang

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Yuepheng Vang, to the Citizens family in Onalaska! Yuepheng bring experience in management and real estate to the table in his new position as a Relationship Banker. He is also a Cargo Specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve!

Yuepheng reigns from La Crosse, WI and has six siblings: two brothers, and four sisters. His favorite activity is eating delicious food - Yum! His favorite TV channel is either HGTV or Discovery, and while he doesn't feel he has any hidden talents, he does take pride in his ability to teach others!


The craziest thing that Yuepheng has ever done could be an entire story. While backpacking at Badlands National Park in South Dakota, he nearly fell into a crevasse, almost got trampled  by bison, and survived a severe storm. He was 13 years old with no parents around. I believe this is where we add "do not try this at home". On his bucketlist, Yuepheng wants to visit remote nature preserves all around the world. He also tells us that if we checked his car stereo, we would find that he had been listening to an audio book or a podcast of some sort.


Lastly, when we asked what his wish would be if he could only have one, he asked if he was allowed to wish for more wishes. Clever!

Welcome to Citizens, Yuepheng, we are excited to have you!