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Teaming Up

Posted on August 3, 2020

Engaged Employee, Melinda Derks

Senior Leadership is excited to announce that Melinda Derks is our Engaged Employee of the Quarter!


Melinda is the definition of engagement - and her engagement was above and beyond in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Melinda's drive to get new customers in the door is evident in her aminition to make marketing calls a top priority. She is currently our marketing call leader for calls made, year to date. In addition to her outstanding marketing calls, she turned 10 of those mortgage prospects to Sue on Citizens Refer, two of which are WINS and several others are in progress. Melinda is an active member of Alignable, making connections with new businesses in the Eau Claire are and setting up time to meet with them.


Melinda is often the leader in bank promotions. Her customers are routinely entered into the Monthly Social Media Drawing and often winners of the $50 prize! When ice breaker questions are sent to the Retail staff every morning, Melinda always replies to the email with her answers and wants to know yours. She is also providing the Citizens Experience via our New Account Surveys, scoring 100% almost every time! In the survey comments, callers will often note how she wow'd them and told them about the bank and the fun we have.


While Melinda is always going the extra mile for the bank’s customers, she does the same for her coworkers. She sent 105 cheers during the 2nd Quarter, recognizing employees for their hard work and showing her appreciation. Melinda is a model employee for promoting the #CitizensExperience. She is an active listener to her coworkers and loves to surprise them with employee WOWs. Melinda has touched an employee in nearly every office in 2020 with a small surprise. She is known to be an avid Funny Board submitter, and Q2 was no exception! Melinda enjoys laughing with her coworkers in the Eau Claire office and wants to include others in the fun! She sees ways to improve processes and make work more efficient by submitting Star Recommendations – one of which was recently implemented.


Melinda’s commitment to the bank doesn’t end when she walks out the door at night. As a lover of horses and a regular at horse shows, she is always talking to friends, family, and new people she meets about the bank! It is amazing how she can make a connection anywhere she goes; no stranger is a stranger when Melinda is done talking with them!


Congratulations, Melinda, on being the Engaged Employee of the Quarter and for your unwavering commitment to Citizens State Bank and our bank family!