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Teaming Up

Posted on March 20, 2020

How to Support Small Businesses While Staying Safe

In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to be focused on supporting others, much less yourself. Citizens State Bank is here to give you some helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to support small businesses in their time of need, while also staying safe and healthy!


  • While restaurants and bars have closed to the public, many are still open for take out and delivery. Call your local restaurants to schedule a time for pick-up! Different restaurants are also offering unique items and specials that are not usually on their menu. 
  • Because of the situation with COVID-19, businesses have put together informal online shopping resources for their loyal customers to use while they adjust their hours. Many stores have began posting a sneak peak of their inventory on their social media or their website. If you are interested in supporting certain stores, explore their options and discuss with the owner.
  • An easy way to support most, if not all, small businesses is to purchase a gift card to use at a later time. Businesses have been adjusting their payment methods to be able to allow for phone payments, online payments, and the use of Venmo.

While our future may be uncertain, it is important for communities to come together to help each other in anyway that they can. Citizens State Bank is here to support our community and the local businesses in it. Sticking together as a community can help us get through whatever may come our way.