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Teaming Up

Posted on October 17, 2019

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Lori Klug

“Yes, we can!” is Lori’s attitude every day! She is the energy that helps keep things positive and she is always bringing new ideas to the Eau Claire Office. When her office is participating in their “grow the office” meetings, Lori is a positive force that emphasizes we can get that many BaZing Merchant signups, and we can get the bank’s name out into the community. 


Lori came to Citizens from a sales environment, where she was running an advertising sales beat within the Eau Claire business community. In her time with Citizens so far, Lori has had much success in signing up local Merchants on BaZing. To date, she has been an instrumental part of signing up 25 merchants for our app. Some of her favorite deals are a free watch battery at Eric’s Diamonds and a BOGO on vacuum bags at Commercial Chemical. To say the least, she has been irreplaceable in making our app more usable to our Eau Claire customers.


Not only does she identify with business customers, Lori can be found after hours showing bank brochures and business cards at places she goes and with the people she knows. Instead of using the generic CER business card we have in all offices for CER’s to use, we ordered Lori her very own cards so she can promote the bank in style! This year alone, Lori has referred seven new customers to the Eau Claire office, and she referred three existing customers for new accounts. Lori is very proud of working for Citizens and is not afraid to talk about the value and experience that Citizens State Bank office. Way to go Lori!


When Lori is not out advertising on behalf of the bank, she is donating her time to the community. She is active in the Eau Claire Area Garden Club, volunteers at the Sojourner House, helps the Master Gardener at Boyd Parke, and volunteers at Taste of the Valley. Whenever there is a need, Lori is there to give back.


Learning new things is regular task for Lori. Coming from a non-finance background, she has learned new skills with a can-do attitude. With Christina out on leave, Lori has taken on more tasks to help with the office staffing shortages. Lori gives cheers and is a good sport about being put on the funny board, (thanks to Melinda), but really its Lori’s “be kind” to others attitude that makes her our Engaged Employee of the Third Quarter.


Lori, thanks for going above and beyond your job title to be a part of some amazing growth in the Eau Claire office, keep up the great work!