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Teaming Up

Posted on July 25, 2019

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Marcia Brendum

Marcia came to us as a newbie to the banking world, however in a short amount of time she has increased her knowledge tenfold, and has been a huge asset to the La Crosse Retail team! Marcia is a quick learner and was able to catch on quickly to our process and procedures as she grew into her role at Relationship Banker. If Marcia doesn’t have the immediate answer, she remains professional and embraces her acting skills, never letting the customer know differently. Her amazing attitude is what people see in Marcia, and is what makes her great at what she does!


Her can-do attitude doesn’t stop with her Relationship Banker role here in the La Crosse office. When the need arose in another office, Marcia stepped up to the challenge, packed her suitcase, rearranged her work schedule at Gap, and headed north! When asked if she would travel to the Clayton office to work with and mentor Joni, she never hesitated to say “yes”, even when she was in the midst of preparing for a vacation out of state. Marica is truly committed to the success of the company and has by far exceeded her customer and co-worker’s expectations.


When it comes to fun, Marcia is there to plan and arrange an event and make sure everyone is included. This past Easter Marcia organized an Easter egg hunt, where the La Crosse employees were able to be kids again, hunting for eggs filled with goodies. When the eggs were located and turned in, she restocked and re-hid them for continued enjoyment! In her free time, Marcia can be found attending the Catered for Kids event, volunteering for Bowl for Kids Sake, and riding in the Clayton Parade. In addition to creating fun and giving back, Marcia is part of the Café committee where she co-chaired the “Choose to Use” program and gets to put some of her ideas to work for us at Citizens State Bank.


In addition to helping mentor, Marcia is actively giving Cheers to her peers, gracefully offering suggestions with Star Recommendations and offering a bit of humor with her funny board posts. 


Thank you for all you do for Citizens State Bank, your customers and your coworkers, and congratulations on being our 2nd Quarter ENGAGED Employee!