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Teaming Up

Posted on April 10, 2019

Engaged Employee of the Quarter: Scott Arenz

Senior Management is excited to announce Scott Arenz has been chosen as the Engaged Employee of the Quarter!


Having never worked in a bank, Scott knew he had a lot to learn! From day one, he embraced learning new skills and the little things which make our culture so unique. Just prior to joining the organization, Scott joined Facebook so he wasn’t big social media person; however, he quickly found out how important social media is to our brand. Now, he is one of our most active employees who engages with our posts on social media.


When Scott was hired, we knew he would be a tremendous asset to the organization by opening doors and representing the bank in our communities. He has exceeded all expectations in this area and, since he has quickly become so emotionally committed to the company’s success, there isn’t a minute outside of the bank (even while he was off due to his hip replacement) that he isn’t thinking about who he can connect with or talk to about the value of Citizens State Bank! If there is an event in the community, Scott will likely be there and is kind of like a “Where’s Waldo?,” since it seems Scott doesn’t miss any sporting, networking, or business event. In fact, there probably isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t talk to someone about the Citizens Experience.


Scott has been a huge supporter of our Café (probably has handed out the most coffee chips too) and has gotten so many new prospects into our Café, which has resulted in many new accounts! With his can-do attitude, he always there to help anyone whether it is going to get ice for the CER’s or helping coach the CER’s on sales, making coffee, etc. When the Café Committee was formed, he stepped up and took the lead for the committee with a positive attitude to enhance the Café, which already resulted in a successful March Madness event.

He has quickly made a positive impact with customers and exceeded the expectations of many by being a Mission Award winner in just his first 6 months of employment. Not only has he WOW’d customers but also potential customers by voluntarily bringing them donuts on occasion. Scott has quickly grasped our Mission and Vision statements by creating a positive environment for employees with being one of our top cheer’s senders YTD. In addition, when he first started at Citizens, he didn’t hesitate to have fun and get involved in Fantasy Football or any other event the bank is participating along with while encouraging others.

Not only is Scott asking a lot of questions to learn, he isn’t afraid to offer suggestions to make the bank better and this occurs on a daily basis with the addition of STAR recommendations. We knew Scott would do a great job when he was hired; however, we didn’t expect he would have as big of an impact in each area of ENGAGEMENT and each office.

So please help us in congratulating Scott in his ENGAGEMENT. Thank him for following all areas of ENAGEMENT and making a big impact in a short period of time.