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Posted on January 5, 2021

Promotion: Erin Hanson

We are excited to announce that Erin Hanson has been promoted to AVP - Loan Processing Manager in our La Crosse office! Erin has been with Citizens State Bank since November of 2013 and in a manaagerial role since October of 2014, most recently as a Loan Processing Manager.

Erin's leadership in the last year has been tremendous, leading her team through a very challenging time. Her depertment has been a key to our success in delivering the #CitizensExperience to our loan customers and lenders. Thanks to Erin's work leading her team, nobody ever had to worry about Loan Processing missing a deadline despite the excess volume of work. Erin's leadership and engagement have also had a big impact outside of her department and she has grown greatly over her years at Citizens.

Please join us in congratulating Erin as she continues to work towards success in her new role as AVP - Loan Processing Manager. Congratulations, Erin!