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Posted on July 12, 2019

Financial crimes against elders are increasing

Please read the below article from the Shazam marketing team regarding elder abuse and financial crimes:

Financial crimes against seniors are becoming more rampant in the age of social media. Fraudsters can create spoof emails, text messages, computer pop-ups and phone numbers that look like legitimate communications. Fraudsters will pretend to be a family member who needs money, law enforcement requesting bond or the IRS seeking payment for back taxes. Your personal information is always at risk; remember R.I.S.K. to keep your personal information safe!

Refuse access

Investigate origin

Stop -Don't click, don't send

Keep your information secure

SHAZAM created a bi-fold insert with more detail about R.I.S.K. to educate your seniors and inform your entire cardholder base of the lengths fraudsters will go to steal information and money.


These are available to order at the SHAZAM Power Marketing website.