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New Employee

Posted on September 15, 2020

Class of 2020: Sandra Vuich

Please join us in welcoming our newest talent, Sandra Vuich, to our La Crosse office! Sandra joins us as our new Director if First Impressions! Sandra joins us with management and teaching experience; most recently as a Para-professional / Substitute Teacher in the Onalaska School District.

Sandra "Sandy" Vuich reigns from her hometown of Gary, Indiana. She grew up with two sisters and one brother. Sandy's favorite activity is downhill skiing! She has many favorite TV channels and would be listening to Blues, jazz, or classic rock if we turned on her car stereo. Her most desired meal if she was stranded on a desert island would be pizza and chocolate with a refreshing margarita.


When we asked Sandy what the craziest thing she has ever done is, we weren't expecting the answer we got! She boarded a plane at O'Hare in Chicago destined for Paris but instead ended up arriving in Brussels ("back in time when you could do such a thing" - her words). Her bucket list still includes a trip to Paris, but this time with her daughter who is minoring in French at school. Sandy's hidden talents stem from her time as a music major in college wherre she developed an expertise in flute and piano. She also loves the study of foreign languages - specifically German and Spanish.


Lastly, if Sandy could have one wish granted, she would wish that no life, animal, or human ever endure any amount of abuse.

Welcome to Citizens, Sandy, we are thrilled to have you!