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Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on April 23, 2021

Engaged Employee: Jared Swyter

Senior Leadership is excited to announce that Jared Swyter is our Engaged Employee of the First Quarter!

Whenever Jared walks into a room, the air is filled with positive vibes, energy, and smiles. He is always thinking with a glass half full approach, which rubs off on everybody else around him. Whether it be the funny stories he brings to the office, the Connect Four tournaments he coordinates, or the coffee/donut deliveries he organizes, he does it all with a positive attitude. Jared has even taken it upon himself to be the coffee king in Eau Claire.


Prior to having coffee available in the Eau Claire office, he started delivering donuts to local businesses and WOWing customers on a regular basis. Now that Eau Claire has coffee, Jared has used this perk to open many doors, resulting in new business and even Facebook posts from businesses (Optimum Therapies).


After working for various other banking institutions, Jared has settled in with Citizens over the last two years and ensures all customers have the #CitizensExperience when they walk in the door. He greets everybody with a smile and a welcoming presence to make them feel right at home. Jared is always willing to help the team out, most recently being the go-to Business Banker for the first round of SBA PPP loans. He was the expert lender for new customers at the bank and helped many small businesses while they were going through a tough time. In doing so, Jared always went the extra mile to help them gather information and fill out applications.


Jared’s emotional engagement to the bank, along with his ambition to WOW his customers, led him to excel while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was going through a complex closing while working from home and did it all with a “can do” attitude. Jared gave the customer a great experience without skipping a beat.


He continues to go outside of his comfort zone and completed 82 marketing calls last year, which exceeded expectations. On top of that, Jared did a presentation for Wiscorea (local real estate professionals), and he also presented for a class at Chippewa Valley Technical College. As a result, Jared has gained several new customers and has made progress with many prospects. His engagement to the organization and stepping outside of his comfort zone has paid off, as he continues to build upon his customer base. 


On top of everything he does to show his engagement to the bank, he is very passionate about going out in the community and making a difference through volunteering. Jared serves on his church’s outreach committee, volunteers for local youth hockey, coaches youth hockey, volunteered at Camp Victory, and even made dinner and cut the grass for some elderly neighbors. Jared continues to lead by example and go above and beyond through his engagement at the bank and in his local community!

Congratulations, Jared!