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Engaged Employee of the Quarter

Posted on January 14, 2021

Engaged Employee: Erin Hanson

Erin has been in the “news” around here a lot lately and all for good reasons. Many of the successes that led to her recent promotion to AVP – Loan Processing Manager are being acknowledged with this award.


Everything with Erin starts by her embracing a “yes I can” attitude and choosing to continually have a glass half full attitude. In addition to the challenges that 2020 brought to us all, Erin led her team through some particularly hard times. She transitioned and trained two new employees on the loan processing team. Erin led her department through the record-breaking loan production in home loans, while simultaneously working on over 300 SBA PPP loans. Some of this had to be orchestrated while working from home as she juggled being a Mom and “teacher” to her daughter. For these reasons, it challenged Erin daily to choose the glass half full and “yes I can” attitude.


Erin’s leadership has been on full display in many ways, including her choice to lead the Next Gen meetings. This is a critical group of leaders among us that will continue to drive the success of the bank for many years to come. The fortunate processors on her team would tell you that she excels at mentoring and supporting, while nurturing the bank’s culture and keeping our core values forefront. Erin leads by example and is one of the bank’s biggest senders of Cheers and promoter of our social media. She regularly contributes Star Recommendations and Funny Board submissions and was our 3rd quarter Funny Board winner. Erin helped every one of her team members win a combined team contest that focused on signing up new BaZing merchants, obtained new accounts for the bank, and organized coffee deliveries.


Like many in support roles, Erin doesn’t have a lot of direct interaction with customers. She thinks outside the box to continue providing value. She’s created a “Wall of Wins”, where her team regularly posts all the ways that they have exceeded expectations. Erin also created a Community Group within Paylocity for her LP team to engage with each other even more. This proved to be a great way to enhance relationships this past year while her team was on different floors, in the Coldwell building, or working from home.


Now you see why Erin has achieved headliner status in the “news” lately. Congratulations, Erin!