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Posted on October 24, 2019

Welcome Josh Moser, La Crosse

Please join us in giving a big Citizens State Bank welcome to Josh Moser, our newest Marketing Specialist in the La Crosse office!


Josh hails from Tomah, Wisconsin, grew up with two older brothers, and is a Western Technical College and Viterbo graduate. He is passionate about sports and enjoys spending his free time watching ESPN and playing hockey.

Something on Josh's bucket list is to adopt a dog from a shelter. His hidden talents haven't revealed themselves yet, but we're willing to bet that one of them is being a stellar Marketing Specialist!


If he was stuck on a desert island, his first cravings would be an ice cold cool blue Gatorade and a quality steak, and if he were granted one wish, his first wish would be to wish for more wishes (can you say tongue twister?).


Welcome to Citizens State Bank, Josh! We're so excited you're here!