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Posted on August 6, 2019

Welcome Parker Weber, La Crosse

It is time to welcome Mr. Parker Weber to Citizens State Bank, our newest Relationship Banker in our La Crosse office!


Parker is a local from La Crosse, and has an older brother. His favorite activity is tennis…or any sport with a ball really, and his favorite television channel is “GSN” – we had to look this one up – this is also known as the “Game Show Network,” which is, perfectly dedicated to classic reruns of game shows and the new iterations too. Guess it’s true what they say: you learn something new every day!


Parker’s hidden talent is that he can hold his breath for a whole minute, but we are willing to wager that he will shine in his role as a Relationship Banker and give the #CitizensExperience to each and every one of our valued customers.


Some additional fun facts: 

  • If Parker was stuck on a desert island, he’d miss peanut butter and root beer the most...
  • Something on his bucket list is to travel to Rome and explore. 
  • In his car, you’ll hear Matchbox Twenty on the radio, but this guy blasts Christmas music when the most wonderful time of the year comes around! 
  • His one wish? The end of Daylight Savings Time, because he likes his daylight hours!


Welcome to the team, Parker Weber!