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Posted on May 2, 2019

Welcome Nkaonyia Yang, La Crosse Office

HR Represent: we welcome our new HR Specialist Nkaonyia Yang to the Citizens State Bank family today at the La Crosse office! 

Nkaonyia hails from Arvada, Colorado, loves bass fishing, and she has a wild side for cliff-diving (note: here at Citizens State Bank, we like to hire the adrenaline-rush type…). Her favorite television channel is Investigations Discovery, and her hidden talent is—wait for it—the ability to eat a variety of foods! 

On her bucket list: swimming with sharks – while protected in a cage of course – and she recently embraced her love of Hmong music which is what you’ll hear on her car sound system. 

Help us to welcome Nkaonyia Yang to the Citizens State Bank team in La Crosse!