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Posted on January 10, 2019

Pay It Forward: Warm Hearts.....Warm Feet

Mary Pat, Marcia and Megan T - La Crosse Office

My Mom passed away at Bethany St. Joseph Nursing Home about 5 year ago. The Christmas holiday is hard because I miss her and think back when I used to be able to visit her there. Every time I would go there I would see all the same elderly people sitting in their rooms alone or in the hallway. It would be heartbreaking, especially at Christmas. They would always enjoy it if you would stop and say hi or chat a few minutes.


Marcia, Megan and I pooled our money together and bought 3 of the prettiest, softest blankets and sets of socks. I went to the nursing home one day and asked the supervisor if she could please give them out at Christmas to residents that would enjoy and need them.


We did not see their reaction but are hoping in our hearts that every time they feel that soft blanket it is like a hug from us or when their feet are nice and warm because of the socks, they will know someone cares.