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Posted on January 10, 2019

Pay It Forward: Rotary Lights

Hannah Johnson - Onalaska Office

Every year I love walking the Rotary Lights and feeling the magic of Christmas. I really enjoy walking it with a cup of hot chocolate from the concession stand and being all cozy while looking at all the twinkling lights.


My husband and I went to walk the lights Friday evening and we stopped to get a cup of cocoa to warm up. A family of six was in line behind us and all the kids had to be under the age of ten. I could tell they were super excited to be there and to see the lights and Santa. When it was our turn to order I got my cocoa and then paid for the family behind us. The mom was so surprised and the kids looked so happy. As we were leaving all the children wished us a merry Christmas!


It felt nice to give a little unexpected happiness this holiday season by treating strangers to even just a simple cup of cocoa and snacks. I could tell they all felt special and touched by the act and I'm glad I could put a smile on each of their faces.