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Posted on January 7, 2019

Pay It Forward: Pass it on

Autumn Jacobs - Onalaska Office

I have two reasons for why I choose my pay it forward. The first one was for how I choose to execute it. I had read a story online about a person who paid it forward at a coffee shop by purchasing coffee for the people in line behind them and choose to take a seat in the corner and just sat and listened to each persons reaction. Secondly, someone purchased my breakfast one time as a broke college student and at the moment in time it meant the world to me. I wanted to do the same for someone else.


I go to the same place for lunch quite often. I told the girl at the counter when I was checking out to take this $10 to give to the next person in line towards their meal. So I took my meal and had a seat and waited. The first young lady that came in was so excited and grateful, but what really surprised me the most was she said "Give it to the next person!" Next, another girl came in and did the same thing! Lastly, a gentlemen came in and was talking about how he was out of town for work and having what sounded like a long week. When he went to pay, he was told it was paid for. Someone paid it forward and his lunch is covered. He was in such awe! He even asked the girl if she was serious! The best part is that he reached into his wallet and pulled out a $5 bill and gave it to the girl and told her to pay it forward to the next person too!