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Posted on January 10, 2019

Pay It Forward: Gifts for Children

Lisa, Amanda, Cassie, Holly, Heidi, and Jenna - Clayton Office

This past year we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it with gifts needed for children in our small town community. Each child that is in need receives 3 gifts for Christmas, and there are over 150 children that were in need this year. Cindy Vanda is in charge of Gifts For Children in the Clayton area and it is a HUGE undertaking every year for her that she gladly does! This year we put up over 100 tags on our tree! The tags were moving off the tree quickly this year, While Cindy was out of town on vacation we put our minds to getting ALL the tags off the tree before she returned home! So together all of the Clayton staff pooled our $10 pay it forward money and put it towards tag that still remained on the tree.


All together we had $60 dollars to use to purchase remaining gifts that were in need! We also had all our jeans day funds from 2018 that we put together with our Pay It Forward money, we were able to purchase almost 40 of the remaining items on the tree!


When Cindy came home from vacation and stopped in to see how our tree was looking she was thrown back! There were only a couple tags remaining and boxes of gifts ready for her to take home and get ready for the children! She was so grateful for our generosity and help that she got from all of us here this past year! It made it much easier for her and it is incredible to see how much the entire community pulls together to help the children and families in need!