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Posted on January 10, 2019

Pay It Forward: Dollar General

Morgan Talbott

I chose to conduct my pay it forward act at my hometown's Dollar General. Many families choose to do shopping for their households there in Cambridge. Since the holidays can be a hard time financially for many people, I thought I could find the perfect family needing a little something extra between Christmas and New Years.


While I was picking up a few things for my family, I noticed a woman with three small kids in one of the grocery aisles. Her kids were full of energy, and you could tell that she was worn out. I waited a little bit until it seemed like she was ready to check out and made my way to the check out line too. I asked the cashier if he could put the ten dollars toward her purchase when she came to check out and he seemed very surprised and agreed to do it.


After I checked out, I went to my car to leave, but waited to see the reaction on her face when she left the store. You could tell that it had uplifted her mood, even if it was just ten dollars. I look forward to doing more of this on my own time! It is very humbling to know that the smallest act of kindness can go such a long way.