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Posted on January 28, 2019

Pay It Forward: Counting Pennies

Jami Gerke

I was at Woodman's at a very busy shopping time of day. I stood with my cart behind a young woman frantically counting her change to pay for her items. She looked up at me and apologized. I said no problem, we've all been there. I could tell she was getting down on her pennies and you could see she was eyeing up which item to put back.


Then it hit me! I had $10 in my purse just for this occasion. I dug in my purse, pulled out the $10, and gave it to her. I could tell she was embarrassed and was about to give it back. Then I told her that my employer gave us money to pay it forward for times like this. When she had the chance, she should pay it forward to someone else when they are in need.


She looked embarrassed about the whole situation but ,once I explained that the money was given to me for this purpose, she seemed more comfortable with accepting the cash. She was very relieved she didn't have to give something back and that she had a little money to grab something to eat after also. She thanked me and seemed genuinely grateful but I could tell that her pride took a little hit. I know she'll pay it forward to someone else in need.