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Be in the know of Citizens State Bank’s shenanigans! Our bank is dedicated to our customers and under the News Flash category, you’ll find alerts and articles featuring recent financial news. Stay up-to-date with all of our bank and volunteer events. Watch the latest video, starring President Dennis Vogel. Most importantly, get to know our employees through Teaming Up!


May 23, 2019

Welcome to Citizens State Bank Demi Oberg! Demi joins us as a CER (Citizens Experience …

Teaming Up

May 17, 2019

#TeamOnalaska rolled up their sleeves and volunteered at the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse …


May 16, 2019

We are pumped to welcome Sandi Jo Koepp to the Citizens State Bank Family as …

Teaming Up

May 6, 2019

The #CitizensExperience often extends outside of our our branches, and this past weekend was no …

News Flash

May 3, 2019

The threat of identity theft is becoming more serious each year. Around 9-million American identities …


May 2, 2019

HR Represent: we welcome our new HR Specialist Nkaonyia Yang to the Citizens State Bank family …

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